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  Here you can se me in a HOT Lesbian Photoshot
  The article was titled Net-Sex Queen....

  Featured in a big article from sexhibition’s 10th year
  anniversary. In my members area I also have some nice
  pics, fucking in the public toilet there :-)

  This was my 5th feature in Aktuell Rapport… And crowned
  as Norway’s Kinkiest Housewife for the second time..

  Featured in the Swiss magazine Blitz.
  As Sex-Show Queen No1,
and I gained
  some new European fans (5 page spread )

  Featured Again as Norway’s Net-Sex Queen…
  This was a 5 years jubilee as a webcam hostess in
  Norway’s largest Adult website

  Featured in a Big Tit’s article. The pics are taken
  on my hubby’s Moto-X bike.. Lots more of these in
  my members area . Also lesbian pics on the bike

  Featured Again in the Swiss magazine Blitz in an
  Article about SM and the Andreas Cross

  Featured as Cocktail Girl of the Month..
  This was actually my first time in Cocktail

This is just some of the magazines I could find now.... I will update when I find some more.